[SiH] On a Personal Note: The Fruits of My Labor

Success in Harmony

February 2006 – Vol. III, Issue 2


On a Personal Note: The Fruits of My Labor

I was reminded very recently how great it is to see a tangible representation of work that I’ve done. Last week, I got my final copy of the The Success Principles(TM) Personal Coaching System by Professional Education Insitute and Jack Canfield. Writing the coaching materials for this new program was my big project for a big part of 2005. Although I had seen a prototype copy when I went down to the office to meet Jack Canfield and pdf versions of the coaching materials, opening the box and pulling it out was the first time I’d held the actual finished product. It was so cool to leaf through the pages and see my writing bound and in print.

Okay, so is this what it feels like to be a published author? Recently, I’ve been wondering if there’s a book in me somewhere. Since you, the Success in Harmony subscribers, are probably more familiar with my writing than anyone else, and some of you have also been my coaching clients, I’d like to ask you. What do you think? Is there any topic that we’ve discussed that you think might deserve the book treatment? Is there anything you’ve heard me talk about that you think I’m exceptionally passionate about? Is there any book that would personally benefit you that you’ve never been able to find? Click here for a quick one-item survey and share your thoughts with me!

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