Listen to this 10-year-old author!

I attended an incredible teleseminar tonight–an interview with a 10-year-old boy who became a published author at age eight. What was impressive about this kid was not necessarily that he’s a child prodigy… he didn’t come across as superior in intelligence, although he certainly could be. He just had that something–an amazing belief that he had a story to tell the world and a confidence that he could tell it. He doesn’t just believe in himself, though–he believes that everyone has a book inside and that you, too, can become a published author.

Whether you believe you have a book inside you or not, you can probably learn something from this young author about belief, faith, confidence, enthusiasm, and even effective parenting!

I’m not sure how long the page with the recording will be up, so I wanted to share it right away:



P.S. I’m not familiar with the other products on this site, although they could be great. 🙂

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