[SiH] On a Personal Note: A Tribute to My Loving Husband

Success in Harmony

March 2007 – Vol. IV, Issue 3


On a Personal Note: A Tribute to My Loving Husband

My husband and I are experiencing a transition in our little family. Ever since we met and fell in love nine years ago, Paul has worked as a registered nurse at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden. I got used to seeing him in green hospital scrubs and giving him time to decompress from his 12-hour shifts. Paul didn’t mind his schedule; in fact, he loved having four days off a week.

When we had our first child and I began working from my home office, Paul negotiated a set schedule: he worked every Wednesday and every other Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. To those who don’t want to figure that out, it basically meant that he was off every Tuesday and Thursday and had six days off in a row every other week. That was lovely for my business pursuits–I could always count on him being home every Tuesday and Thursday, so those are the days I created my appointments. Paul was great with our girls on those days, and we rarely needed to enlist help with the kids.

About three weeks ago, my husband got a new job as a clinical analyst for the same medical organization. In short, that means that he now works Monday through Friday and commutes an hour each way. He’ll be consulting on information systems projects, testing software and telling the developers how to make it work better in a clinical environment. He is loving it, and I am getting used to seeing him come home with a spring in his step and a tie around his neck. We are also really enjoying having Daddy with us at church every Sunday instead of every other Sunday!

I am so grateful for Paul and for his willingness to be at home with us so often. And I’m grateful for this new change in our lives! Now I’ll transition into a true work-at-home mom, one who doesn’t have the luxury of relying on Daddy for so much. I’m working on figuring out how much business to do and how to get it done. Send your good thoughts and prayers my way, readers!

Thank you to my sweet husband, my patient little girls, and to all of you. You bless my life!

3 thoughts on “[SiH] On a Personal Note: A Tribute to My Loving Husband

  • Loren says:

    Dearest Sara,
    Sounds like you are embracing this change with the same Grace that you exude in everything you do. I know you will find solutions that will work for you.

    For me, I found it difficult to work at home and have Kelly around when she was younger. So, my parents picked her up from Kindergarten and kept her until quiting time at 5:00. This was a wonderful opportunity for her to build a strong relationship with her Grandparents while giving me the space I needed to do my work.

    My sister is working from home and not having the luxury of family near by, started my nephew in pre-school last year. Sam (3 1/2 now) goes from 10 – 4 every weekday, which in turn lets her meet the 30 hours a week work schedule she has. She’s found that Sam’s language skills immediately improved by going to pre-school and he really likes the social interaction with the other kids.

    Some other of my thoughts on daycare/pre-school since before I worked from home and at that time being a single parent, Kelly started daycare at 14 months are:
    – I choose a daycare with a lot of structured play with an academic base. For Kelly, I feel that environment supported a love of learning and a safe environment for trying new things.
    – Socially, I find that Kelly easily acclimates to new environments and is very open and welcoming when meeting new children.
    – Although I would have preferred that she had not had to go a full 8 – 10 hours a day, I don’t feel that it impaired her and for some things has enhanced her abilities in several regards.

    Since the time Kelly has been about 10 years old she has come home from school at 2:30 every day. Since she’s independent and self sufficient and old enough to understand my work, it doesn’t present any conflict for us. Often she does her homework while I’m finishing my work day and she’s quite capable to get herself a snack.

    My biggest dilemma was that I didn’t want to have to choose between doing something for my child and my work at the same time. Particularly, when she was too young to comprehend now & later or to be left unattended while awake. So for me it was about creating boundaries and one that could not be easily crossed (like her being somewhere else)

    I hope some of this helps as you determine what is best for you and your two girls!

  • Steve Rovin says:

    Hi Sara!!

    I really connected with this article!! Though I haven’t been a stay-at-home-Dad, my wife Sandy and I have been through many significant transitions during our 36 years of marriage. No need for me to tell you about transitions and choices. I have come to really appreciate both of them, (in a way!!), as they are opportunities to “cultivate” my character and “hone” my values!

    Four years ago I made the transition from Dad to “Grandpop.” What an experience!! My daughter and son-in-law have two children (Natalie 4 and Ian 2) and my son and his wife are expecting their first child this week!!

    You may remember that about two years ago I took my first a full-time position (aka permanent position) as an employee working for Connecticut Light & Power, after being an independent consultant for over 20 years. I wanted to be able to do my “work” from within an organization instead of “on” the organization. As I had expected, the going was slow and tedious because I was new and I wasn’t in the correct group to be able to fully engage. Then, about six months ago. another transition began when I accepted a position as the Sr. Consultant in a newly formed Human Performance Improvement group. Interesting how that is just want I envisioned would happen. Now I am psyched and a little apprehensive, but looking forward to the challenges and opportunities to grow and learn.

    You are certainly in my thoughts and prayers and I know that you and your wonderful family will do just great!! Enjoy all that there is as there is plenty to enjoy!!

    With warmest regards,

    Steve (one of your forever devoted students and coachee!!)

  • Sara Hurd says:

    Loren: Thank you so much for the glimpse into some of the things that successful work-at-home moms do. And how did you know that one of my most important values is “grace”… Thanks for being such a support to me!

    Steve: Your little granddaughter Natalie is the same age as my Roseanna. What a fun age! And how wonderful to be “Grandpop.” Congratulations also at seeing your vision come to fruition. It sounds like a fantastic fit for you!

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