[SiH] On a Personal Note: Swimming Lessons

Success in Harmony

June 2007 – Vol. IV, Issue 5


On a Personal Note: Swimming Lessons

The last couple of weeks, my girls and I have headed to the swimming pool for a summer staple–swimming lessons! Our oldest has gone on her own to her preschool-age class, and has learned how to be more comfortable in the water, blow bubbles, kick her feet, stick her head in, and in general to be more confident. One nice benefit has been uninterrupted time to play with her little sister in the water for a half hour as we’ve gone to the parent-child class. Time to focus completely on her is pretty rare.

One other benefit of swimming lessons has been structured but leisurely mornings. It’s pretty much all we can do to get up, eat breakfast, get the swimsuits and sunscreen on, and get to the swimming pool on time. Applying sunscreen liberally and thoroughly takes a while! And I’m getting better at applying sunscreen to my own back, although sometimes I give up and ask our oldest to get a spot. I’m not sure how effective her gingerly swipes are, but I didn’t get any weird red spots, so I guess we did okay. I’m fully aware that they have SPF 50 sunscreen spray now, and we tried it a couple of times, but I’ve got to build my trust up slowly. Then, of course, getting dressed at the pool, coming home, then bathing and showering to get ready for the day takes a while too. In fact, the whole morning is gone by the time we’re all done. Then with lunch time and getting the baby down for her nap, most of the day has been spent. Yet, there’s something strangely gratifying about it all.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be back at the pool again, this time for our oldest’s preschool level 2 class. It will be fun to actually see her participate in her class, but the new challenge will be to keep the baby out of the pool and occupied. Wish us luck!

One thought on “[SiH] On a Personal Note: Swimming Lessons

  • Rosalie Hurd says:

    I have beautiful and wonderful granddaughters, and I could say the same about their parents. Thanks for all you do.

    Unprejudicely yours, Grandma Hurd

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