[SiH] Recommended Resource: Musicovery

Success in Harmony

June 2007 – Vol. IV, Issue 5


Recommended Resource: Musicovery

Some of my colleagues have already heard me recommend this fun resource, but I have been really enjoying Musicovery (www.musicovery.com) recently. It’s an online music player that allows you to choose your listening based on your mood, selecting genres that you want to hear. It also allows you to choose music that prompts dancing (or not) as well as the dance tempo. You can even select time periods, so if you want to hear only ’80s music, you can slide the selector brackets to either side of that decade. There’s even a “discovery” option, which will play little-heard music. And, if you want to learn more about an artist or purchase music, there are convenient links on each musical selection to Amazon, iTunes or eBay. Although some online radio stations or online music players don’t include classical, this one does. So if you like a little brain music while you’re working, Musicovery does the job.

Unfortunately, this type of online radio may soon be a thing of the past. Pandora, another well-loved online music player, has alerted subscribers to a recent ruling that has drastically increased the royalty rates for webcasters and will be retroactive back to January 1, 2006. This ruling will effectively put most internet radio stations or music players out of business. You can learn more, and perhaps join the fight to save internet radio, at www.blog.pandora.com or www.savenetradio.org.

Maybe you’re thinking that high royalty rates for broadcasting music online is a good thing. Perhaps, but only for major music labels for artists that are “packaged” and already well-known. The music discovery via the internet movement that has been building, benefiting the independent artist and struggling band of talented musicians, will suffer a huge setback. Playing music over the internet legally, paying reasonable (not strangling) royalty fees, makes sense for everyone. For that reason, I support the Internet Radio Equality Act that is currently being considered by the United States legislature. If you are interested in voicing your support, contact your representatives in Congress.

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