[SiH] Feature Article: Uncluttered Gift Giving

Success in Harmony

November 2007 – Vol. IV, Issue 10


Feature Article: Uncluttered Gift Giving
One of the blogs I enjoy reading, unclutterer.com, is publishing a holiday series called Unclutterer‘s 2007 Gift Giving Guide. The central focus of their guide is one that I think we could all adopt as we consider our gift giving this holiday season:

As you are preparing your shopping list for the holiday season, consider the impact your gift will have on its recipient. Will the recipient use the gift on a regular basis? Is this something the recipient truly needs? Will the recipient have to sacrifice substantial storage space for the gift? Will the gift inevitably become clutter? Can I find a gift instead that is perfect for the recipient that has no possibility of becoming clutter?

Perhaps because I’ve been focusing on minimizing clutter in my own life recently, I’m a lot more hesitant to get a gift for someone that may just end up as clutter. And my husband and I have really cut back on the size and number of gifts we give each other and our kids. We certainly don’t need more “stuff.” We’re realizing how much more important it is to create memories and family experiences than to shop for tons of presents.

To read Unclutterer’s series, visit http://unclutterer.com/category/gift-giving-guide/

Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “[SiH] Feature Article: Uncluttered Gift Giving

  • hey, sara,
    congrats on a new baby – you’re having mine!
    I just wanted to thank you for the continued links to productivity tools. I’ve put The Unclutterer on my bookmarks bar–I’m seriously thinking of investing in a ScanSnap! I have a terrible time storing paper and, as a teacher, it’s nice to keep copies of everything but after a while…you know what I mean!

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and stay well through the birthing process. I can only guess the good support you’ve got. I’ll keep you in prayer.

    God bless, and
    btw, thanks for the nice Bday card!

    all the best, Julia

  • Sara Hurd says:



    I just bought a ScanSnap a few weeks ago, and I love it unabashedly. I highly recommend it. 🙂


  • Donna says:

    Hi, Sara–

    Thanks so much for the great resource! I, too, have been attacking my clutter, and love the ideas on the site.

    Enjoy your new addition–am looking forward to a photo or two!

    God bless,

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