[SiH] On a Personal Note: Looking Forward

Success in Harmony

December 2007 – Vol. IV, Issue 11


On a Personal Note: Looking Forward

I have truly been blessed in 2007, and I look forward to the changes and growth that I’ll experience in 2008. To recap:

  • My husband and I added another daughter to our family, for a total of three beautiful girls. They are the light of my life, and because they’re young and require a lot of care, fill up my days!
  • My husband took a new job last spring that required a completely different schedule for our family. Instead of having four days off a week from his full-time nursing gig, he now only has the normal weekends off. As a result, I had to reevaluate my commitments and wrap up and discontinue some business obligations. The great blessing is that now we have him at church with us and home with us on weekends and holidays all the time instead of half the time!
  • This past spring, I discontinued (at their request) a professional relationship with a company for which I had worked for several years. The process left me with mixed feelings. Although it was difficult, the break has given me the opportunity to use my time for business pursuits that will allow me to grow rather than remain stagnant. And I can also feel good that I remained in integrity throughout the whole process.
  • I aligned my business with two product lines: custom greeting cards by mail through SendOutCards, and books and other media through BookWise. These are both organizations and product lines that I feel passionate about because of their life-changing potential. SendOutCards especially has changed the way I do business and how I connect in my personal relationships. I find myself expressing gratitude and letting someone know I am thinking of them, not to mention celebrating accomplishments and remembering birthdays, much more often than I ever have before. My business and personal relationships have deepened as a result.
  • I rediscovered reading for pleasure instead of just reading for business! I made a lot of “friends” in Mitford and made Esther’s famous Orange Marmalade Layer Cake on Christmas Eve.
  • I switched web hosts twice and learned some internet marketing. I’m still learning and will be making more changes this year!

In 2008, I’ll continue to evaluate my commitments so that I can keep my husband and kids – and my own spiritual, physical, and mental wellness – my highest priorities while I take great care of my fantastic clients. I’ll continue to keep you updated!

I hope that your 2007 has been full of blessings and that 2008 will hold even more! I would love to receive updates from any of you about what you’re doing now. Feel free to comment on the website or reply to emails you receive from me!

With Love and Appreciation,

Sara Hurd

5 thoughts on “[SiH] On a Personal Note: Looking Forward

  • Beth says:


    I feel blessed having worked with you this past year as one of your clients. You have helped me in so many ways. I have more confidence in myself and in the coming year. I am actually looking forward to what the coming year will bring. Thank you for being you.

  • Mary Duwe says:

    Thank you for the beautiful Christmas Card. You are a blessing. How was your Christmas dessert? Was it delicious?
    Mary L Duwe

  • Sara Hurd says:

    Beth: Thank you so much. It has been my pleasure!

    Mary: The cake really was delicious! It was a great blend of sweet and sour – which sounds a little weird as cakes go. But my older (and more accomplished in the kitchen) sisters asked for the recipe, so that was a good sign.

  • Julia says:

    Sara, it’s been so lovely to follow your journey through Keyways e-news and also through your regular contact. I feel blessed to continue to have “coach Sara” through the great modeling. You give me great ideas and help me trust where I am. Thank you and may blessings and peace in the new year come your way.

    PS the card _was_ lovely!

  • Sara Hurd says:

    Julia: Thank you so much. It has been wonderful to remain in touch with you over the years!

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