[SiH] On a Personal Note: Goals for the Year

Success in Harmony

January 2008 – Vol. V, Issue 1


On a Personal Note: Goals for the Year

One of my recent networking contacts, Jason Alba of JibberJobber.com, is a great example of “living out loud” by sharing his goals on his various blogs. He finds that the more he shares, it becomes more and more likely that people come forward with unexpected and wonderful offers to help.

My goals for the year are as follows:

  • find a good method to begin home schooling my oldest daughter. Get a routine in place so schooling is happening without a struggle. Create a good mix of work on our own and activities with other families.
  • find a good team of independent business owners to join me in my SendOutCards business. Initially, I’m looking for three good people who are interested in generating some residual income through a home-based business. Alternately, I can always use customers who want to use the fantastic service that SendOutCards provides!
  • find a few ways to extend coaching past the one-on-one session model–perhaps using group coaching, self-coaching through a step-by-step program, or informal teleseminars. Continue to provide coaching one-on-one to a few select clients.
  • keep myself, my kids and husband healthy and happy!

Let me know if there is any way in which you can help me, and I’d also love to hear about your goals for the year in the comments. Maybe there is some way that I can help you!

. . .

Last Sunday evening, a man I admire and respect greatly passed away. He was a great example of love, vision and good humor. Glenn Beck paid a great tribute to this man on CNN, and said, “We could learn a lot just by watching good examples from time to time.” You can read more on my personal blog, The Hurd Herd, and also see news items here.

. . .

On another note, I want to thank an anonymous reader who sent a baby gift to our newest through Overstock.com. The gift message was blank, so either you intended to remain anonymous, or Overstock messed up! Thank you so much for your kindness! I want to also thank all of you who sent gifts or congratulations to us. The baby is growing and smiling, so we’re doing well!

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