[SiH] Recommended Resource: Jott Yourself!

Success in Harmony

January 2008 – Vol. V, Issue 1


Recommended Resource: Jott Yourself!

One of my new best friends is a service called Jott.com. Jott offers you a toll free number to call after you register your home phone number and cell phone number (so they can match your call to your account), and will translate your voice message into text. You can send a message (email and/or text message) to yourself or to anyone in your contact list. You can even “Jott” services like blogger.com, rememberthemilk.com, twitter.com, amazon.com, Google calendar, and many more.

The way I typically use Jott is as follows:

  • Something occurs to me, like something I need to take care of, someone I need to call, etc.
  • If I have my hands full and can’t put it in my PDA or Outlook right away, I call Jott.
  • I Jott “myself” with the reminder, and it ends up in my email inbox a couple of minutes later.
  • I then put the reminder into my task management system or calendar.

I find myself regularly using Jott when I’m lying down for the night and I remember something I need to take care of. Instead of pulling out my PDA, I just grab the phone that’s right by my bed and Jott myself. Excellent!

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