[SiH] On a Personal Note: Success in Harmony 2.0

Success in Harmony

July 2008 – Vol. V, Issue 3


On a Personal Note: Success in Harmony 2.0
by Sara Hurd, CFCC

Hello, loyal readers. I recently simplified my list by making the subscription an email subscription to my blog feed. If that’s all Greek to you, it’s not really important. I sent out an email requesting that my subscribers resubscribe, and you did. Thank you for reconfirming your subscription! We are fewer in number now, but I figure you’re the readers who really feel that I have something to say. Thank you for that!

My original goal with Success in Harmony was to publish a monthly newsletter around the middle of the month. I started in 2004, and I’ve enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts (you can view all my articles at keywaystrategies.com–recently redesigned!). It’s become more difficult as my family has grown to publish three articles in each issue each month. As I’ve considered what to do with what I’ve started, I’ve kept the original look and feel, but Success in Harmony may morph as I continue to simplify my life.

I will not promise a monthly newsletter. Because it’s become a blog, posts may be more or less frequent as I feel I have something to share. Periodically, I’ll still publish a series of three articles in short succession, “On a Personal Note,” “Feature Article,” and “Recommended Resource,” but I may also share other things in a more informal way.

The blog also invites and accepts comments on each article, so I’d love to have you participate in the discussion. In that way, I’ll be able to still “talk” to you to provide you with helpful tips for life, but you’ll also be able to “talk” back. I look forward to it!

Sara Hurd and Keyway Strategies, LLC specialize in helping executives and small business owners have healthy relationships with themselves, others, AND their businesses. Read more about our coaching services.

The purpose of Success in Harmony is to provide practical and inspiring tips for balancing success in all areas of life.

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Sara Hurd, BSW, Certified Franklin Covey Coach (CFCC) and graduate of Legacy Learning Coach Training, has been a coach for Franklin Covey Company beginning in 1998. She has used her skills in product development and training to develop and deliver coaching and coach training programs for Professional Education Institute. In 2003, Sara founded Keyway Strategies LLC, a coaching company specializing in helping small business owners grow their businesses, navigate a sea of technological tools, and create healthy relationships with themselves, others and their businesses. Sign up for her free email newsletter at http://www.keywaystrategies.com.

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