About Sara Hurd

Sara Hurd Keyway Strategies specializes in helping executives and small business owners have healthy relationships with themselves, others AND their businesses.

Keyway Strategies was founded in 2003 by Sara Hurd, Certified Franklin Covey Coach, Certified Self Management Coach and Graduate of Legacy Learning Coach Training.

Sara’s passion is to nurture client self-discovery, enabling her clients to identify their most important goals and the path they want to take to get there.

Sara’s best clients:

Sara began as a coach for Franklin Covey Coaching, Legacy Learning and The Professional Education Institute in 1998. In addition to working with executives from large or small businesses, she loves to mentor and train new coaches both individually and in groups.

Sara’s most important stewardship and passion is raising her six young children. She is an information junkie and has a ton of books on the shelf and ezines in her inbox… but she is a self-proclaimed techno-geek and loves tools that help her cut through the clutter. She enjoys taking a break from it all to exercise, read children’s books with the kids, and to play her guitar or the piano.

See Sara’s CV and learn more at sarahurd.com.

My purpose is to be a blessing to someone, somewhere, somehow today. Maybe it’s my kids, maybe it’s my client, maybe it’s a friend or even a stranger. If I’ve done that, my day has been a success.

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