“I was overwhelmed with unresolved business and personal issues. Pressing and important projects were on a long list of things to do, and I felt stuck, unable to make effective decisions or see where to start.

“I asked Sara Hurd, my former coach, to work with me again; from the first session I saw amazing results. She asked me critical questions that helped me see what I wanted to accomplish, how to allocate time for the projects, what would I need to do to have the energy and enthusiasm to organize and implement them, and to define the step by step process.

“The intense pressure has dissipated, and 3 weeks into the coaching, my projects are well on their way. I am already seeing positive results. Productivity has improved, I feel peaceful and confident, and the wasted energy from the pending projects is now being used for much more productive, satisfying endeavors.”

Silvia Cardona, DDS
El Segundo, California

“I have worked with Sara Hurd for nearly nine months. Sara’s patience and expertise has been nothing short of incredible. Her insight, understanding and ability to lead in a manner that allows for powerful learning, has resulted in a one third increase in productivity in my medical practice.

“This is far from the most important thing that Sara has helped me to achieve. In the context of this increase I have achieved a remarkable balance, peace and abundance in my life and has allowed me to enjoy my family, church and community in a way that I never have before. Her wisdom and skills are unmatched. In fact, for as many people as I have dealt with in my medical and business careers there has been none as caring, kind and effective as Ms. Hurd.

“I recommend her without reservation and feel that she will make a positive impact on each and every one of her clients.”

Dennis C. Doherty, D.O.
Atlanta, Georgia

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